What a Job! – Keep you safe

April 6, 2011

You just don’t know how important a job can be until you compare it to something else. Each day seems to be the same as the next day. That is all you know. You live it a certain way day in and day out. Here is a little history to appreciate where we are in life. It is nice to see how far we have come. Let’s create some gratitude with attitude.

This is about a job from times past. A Milk Tester in the old days. Now we have Milk plants and modern laboratories.
Here is a story of a man named Charles C. Metz as told by his granddaughter.

As a child growing up with my grandparents in the Ovid area, I remember with fond memories going with Grandpa to all the area farms. He was a milk tester. He went every month to test the milk. The milk needed to be tested for all to enjoy safely. Grandpa would have all these little baby food jars for each farm, each cow was numbered. He had a little building that he would take all the samples to. Using acid he would spin the milk samples out, test them and make sure every cow was a healthy as could be. I never thought much of how important his job was until years later, he kept us all safe.

He was good with flowers as well and would cross breed his Irises and develop a whole new breed of Iris. He was a wonderful, intelligent, kind, loving man and though he has been gone now for years I still think of him every day.

Thank you for listening. Debbie DeBoard


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